Fall risks in seniors living alone and what you can do help prevent them from debilitating injuries

One of the more common scenarios we encounter here at Holly Services is when a client or their family calls us for assisting their loved one after they have fallen. Falls are considered the number one reason that an elderly person loses their independence and each year more than 3.5 million fall resulting in wide variety of outcomes:

– Broken bones. Falls are the leading cause of fractures and broken bones in seniors. As we age, our bones are more fragile and easier to break.

– Emergency hospital visit. Expensive hospitalization bills from post check up , therapy programs and possible requirement for mobility devices like wheelchairs can have significant impact on finance

– Long road to recovery. Fractures, broken bones may take up 6 months to a year to heal as our bodies take longer to heal as we age from injuries

– Loss of confidence and anxiety. Constant fear of repeat falls may contribute to seniors not wanting to move at all – which further increases the chance of falls due to muscule deterioration

Fall prevention is key to ongoing quality of life and at Holly Services, we are committed to using fall prevention protocols to assist seniors age well in place.

Low impact aerobics, walking together aroung the block or parks, simple chair excercises and stretching greatly reduce the chance of falling as they keep the seniors muscles strong. We work with each senior’s capabilities and provide understanding support in this area.

Wet surfaces in the kitchen/bathroom, rogue rugs/cords, uneven floors, stairs without proper handrails, dim lights, slippers that get caught easily all become hazardous to seniors. Knowing that there is someone with your loved one to keep an eye out for these easy to miss details will provide a peace of mind

Often overlooked, dehydration and malnutrition can contribute low blood pressure, dizziness and confusion all lead to factors to bring on a fall. Having a well-balanced nutritious meals with proper hydration provide essential base for stronger muscles and bones

The risk of falling increases with age is something we all face.

The good news is that most falls are preventable with the right assistance and resources.

At Holly Services we are committed to using fall prevention measures and programs to keep seniors maintain lifestyle choices and maximize independence.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries and we will happy to assist you.